We don’t just offer “products and services” like the big banks do. We offer smart financial solutions, and that’s more than cliché marketing speak.

Most banks are like reverse Robin Hoods, taking from you and giving to the Wall Street bankers. Smart financial solutions are designed to help you keep more of your own money with fewer fees attached to the solutions you need, and to make the task of “banking” stress free by using modern technology like mobile check deposits and refunding ATM fees for members who have a Kasasa® checking account.

Smart financial solutions also means spending time with each individual member, assessing your personal financial situation, understanding your needs, and finding a customized solution for you. Whether it’s something as simple as comparing checking account options, buying a new car or buying your first (second, third or fourth) home, we want to make sure you have the right solution that fits your life and your budget.

Here are just some of the smart financial solutions we offer: