With Caro, we provide a simple, fast, secure way to send money via Wire Transfer to any financial institution in the United States. International Wires may also be available.

Fees: Domestic Wires: $15 for incoming Wire Transfers/$25 for outgoing wire transfers. International Wire Service is $60 for US Dollar.

Click here for a Funds / Wire Transfer Request form.

What are the Routing Numbers for Direct Deposits?

Routing Number: 253978824

The Following Information Is Needed To Receive a Wire:

  • Receiving Institution Name:
    Vizo Financial
    7900 Triad Center Dr Suite 410
    Greensboro, NC 27409
  • Receiving Institution ABA Number: 231387550
  • Beneficiary Institution Name:
    Caro Smart Financial Solutions
    4480 Rosewood Drive
    Columbia SC 29209
  • ABA Number: 253978824
  • Amount (required)
  • Beneficiary Name (required)
  • Beneficiary Account Number (required)

The Following Information Is Needed To Send a Wire Transfer:

  • Receiving Institution Name and Address (required)
  • Receiving Institution ABA Number (required)
  • For Credit to Account Number (required)
  • Name and Address on Account (required)
  • Amount (required)
  • Special Instructions
  • Signature (required)